Genealogy and Probate Research can often appear quite complex. Here`s a range of questions I`m often asked and which you may find helpful.

What will this cost me?

If I`ve approached you about an unclaimed estate to which I believe you may be an heir you will not be asked to pay any upfront costs whatsoever. I will however, ask you to agree to pay me a  small commission from any monies I recover for you. I will have already expended time and money on researching and buying necessary birth, marriage and death certificates in order to formally prove the estate. The only time money is involved is when you receive a cheque for your inheritance, from which my commission is taken.

I haven`t asked you to contact me, so why are you?

​This is how I earn my living. I`m a researcher dedicated to Probate work. if I had not contacted you you would not know that you might be eligible to an unclaimed estate or part thereof. People like you get these sort of surprises from me and other researchers all the time. Ultimately, i am trying to give you money you didn`t know was due to you.

This all seems too good to be true, what`s the catch?

There are no catches whatsoever and you can choose not to go through this process and I will not bother you again.