The Bona Vacantia list of unclaimed estates published by the UK Government forms a part of my work.

This list of unclaimed estates and the assets of those estates remain with the government until someone is able to prove that they are entitled to claim that estate.

It takes hours, days and more often weeks and months of dedicated research before a beneficiary might be identified, and more often than not there will be a number of beneficiaries entitled to claim a share of the estate. 

It may be that you have received a letter from me asking for information about your relatives and asking you to sign an agreement for my costs. I will have expended a considerable amount of time researching the estate, obtaining various certificates (for which I have to pay) and putting together the "tree" to enable a claim to be made in order that you will receive your rightful share of the estate. Having an agreement with you is the only way I can ensure I am compensated for my work.

Bona Vacantia Research